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Company Profile

Melgar Brothers Holdings Corporation (MBHC) is a holding company that was created in 2019 in order to give a dynamic organization and administration of the seven (7) subsidiaries that were duly established under Philippine laws.

By doing this, MBHC secured and consolidated a diversified shareholding portfolio. The holding now plays an active role in stimulating and guiding the development of all its subsidiaries having expertise in their respective field of industry such as Service Contracting, Business Outsourcing, Management Services, Security Services, Construction, Cloud kitchen and Restaurant, Information Technology and Computing, and Financial Services.

At the helm of MBHC are Atty. Giovanni H. Melgar as Chairman and CEO and his wife Ms. Merle T. Melgar as Vice-Chairman, and supported by Professional and Independent Directors.


Our Vision

"MBHC will be a leading national conglomerate committed to transform the lives of the millions of its stakeholders through investment with high yielding returns of capital, high regard to innovative products and services, while maintaining a decent and quality employment for Filipinos, all for the glory of God."


Our Mission

Melgar Brothers Holdings Corporation commits to:

Protect investments and interests of all stakeholders including those that devote their time and talent for making the MBHC Vision a reality.

Provide a culture of continuous improvements and innovations that is directed to meet the demands and requirements of all subsidiaries’ clients and stakeholders.

Provide a decent and quality employment for Filipinos.


Our Core Values

Winning Attitude

Continuously setting achievable goals towards the attainment of high quality and innovative goods and services with an objective of dominating the market sector.


MBHC is grounded on the tenets of honor and trust which ensures personal accountability and commitment delivering its obligations to its stockholders and its clients.

Nurturing Courage

MBHC pushes its employees to be more innovative and creative by giving them an opportunity for professional growth with an objective benefitting its stakeholders and clients.


Message from the CEO


“And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men” (Colossians 3:23).

We advocate that in everything we do, we do it with service excellence, and we do it all for the glory of God.

We always believe that in every human being there is a seed of greatness. This seed when nurtured and developed will result to excellence. This philosophy has been the driving force of MBHC program of developing excellence in our people, which results to high quality products and excellent services to all our stakeholders.

While the Covid-19 pandemic poses obstacles and challenges, MBHC and its subsidiaries displayed excellence by being resilient to deal with changes, challenges and uncertainty because of its strong motivation to achieve the holding’s vision.

Looking at what we have started and how the business evolved and continue to grow, we are confident that our people will continue to execute excellent performance in whatever business opportunities we are going to embrace in the future.

To all our clients and business partners, we assure you that we will continue to provide you the same excellent services that you have received and we will continously improve and innovate our products and services for your added benefit. Thank you for the trust and support you have repose upon us.

God bless!

Atty. Giovanni H. Melgar, LLB, MBA, CCO
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Our Subsidiaries

GE Finance Corporation

Suites 404-410 CSP Bldg 815 Quezon Ave QC


Hadrian Wall Builders Corporation

Suites 404-410 CSP Bldg 815 Quezon Ave QC



Suite 401 CSP Bldg 815 Quezon Ave QC



Unit 103 Kalayaan Center Bldg 65-67 V. Luna road cor Kalayaan Ave Brgy Pinyahan QC


Stamford Management Corporation

Suites 404-410 CSP Bldg 815 Quezon Ave QC


Stamford Security Services Incorporated

Suite 403 CSP Bldg 815 Quezon Ave QC


Wizard Manpower and Allied Services, Inc.

Suites 404-410 CSP Bldg 815 Quezon Ave QC



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